2020 core updates of google | Google algorithms

March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021 admin

2020 core updates of google | Google algorithms

2020 core updates of google algorithms. Google published a blog on its official site on 15 Oct 2020; in which Google ensure all algorithms update till the end of 2020. This article gives you every information about new core update

Now where India is getting ready for 5G Speed of internet and more 40% business went online, more the half population using the Internet. Here 2020 core updates of Google take place.

A key moment in videos

Google latest update of AI-driven helps us to automatic pick a keyword or key moment from a video according to our search and show us, it may be a video on Google or Youtube. For example, any user searches a topic from any book, so Google AI-driven automatic search all videos in which that topic is covered that shown to us. 


 Understanding through data

 The statistic gives proper result from data. Now onwards Google also provides close and proper data structure of searches. Google is working on it since 2018. And this data update takes placed the collaboration with the U.S Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, World Bank, etc 

 For example – If you search ‘How many Digital marketing companies in the USA

 Google provides you with exact data according to cities, gender, etc and that data will be so perfect.


Advanced Search update for Journalism

Google special update for journalism named as ‘Pinpoint’. As we know a reporter have to carry so many files, images, documents and audio for investigation and it is not easy for a reporter to take care of everything with the sequence. Pinpoint helps journalists to the quick-shifting of all files, images, documents and audio automatically Identify people, organizations and locations.


Search what you see

Instead of text and audio search now Google launched Google lens. Google Lens is another new update of Google in which, we can also search for anything which we can see. Google lens mainly works with the device camera.

For example- If you see something and you want to know about it and just click a picture from Google lens and search from it. You will get everything about that.
          Google lens and AI is driven also helps us to get the 3D result. Now it is so easy to search any place in Google map and have a visual look from any corner (3D).

 Sing it and search 

 This AI update is, especially for the music lover. Sometimes we now the music and tone of song but don’t get lyrics and song name. Now from ‘hum to search’ you can do search song with music and tone and get information about a particular song.


We get exactly, what we are looking for

       Spelling algorithm



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