5 major types of social media platforms

March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021 admin

5 major types of social media platforms

This article describes the power of social media and 5 major types of social media. Powerful information about Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Social media is a digital platform that allows users to build connections and share content with other users. In simple words it is a place where users can easily connect with other, location, age, gender, etc doesn’t matter. User can build connection and share what they feel and think. Early in 2000 people use social media for their personal use to create a connection with strangers but now in 2020 social media change self a lot, Now half of the user use social media for their business or earning purpose. Some of them are using to showcase their hobby and talent, some of them are selling their products.
As per a survey, around 4 billion population out 7 billion of the world population use social media and according to report an individual spent average 2 hours on social media daily. There is so much of audience and rush, that every modern businessman gets attracted to these social media platforms because these platforms have billions of population at one place and for the advertising and promotion of their brands this is the best and cheapest platform.

⦁ Social Networking
⦁ Photosharing
⦁ Video sharing 
⦁ Microblogging
⦁ Community platforms

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Social Networking (Facebook & Linkedin)
 Social networking is the online platform which connects people socially, So people get social relationship with strangers. People can use each other according to their interests, behaviours, activities etc. Sometimes people start it from social but after some time after knowing each other, their social relationship converts into real. 
 Facebook and Linkedin both are social networking sites and both have the same motive to connect people. Facebook connect people informally and causal way, where Linkedin is a professional and formal platform which connect people according to their occupation and profession.

Photo sharing (Instagram and Pinterest)
 Photo sharing is the most favourite platforms of users because there they can share images and short videos to influence others. Instagram and Pinterest both are most useable photosharing platform. Where Instagram is one of the most using platforms in the digital world. Instagram is using for informal and personal uses where Pinterest is a formal platform which shows photos according to categories.

Video sharing (Youtube)
 Video sharing refers to the platforms where we can upload videos and users can watch and give support. Youtube is only video sharing platform which is trusted and valuable after all youtube is a product of Google from 2006. Youtube is a very large and vast platform for video sharing. Around 2 billion people use youtube to watch videos and 31 million are YouTubers that upload their videos on youtube.

Microblogging (Twitter and Tumbler)
 Blogging or writing our ideas in limited words is the simple meaning of microblogging. There are so many platforms for blogging but Twitter and Tumbler are the most famous and useable platforms. Twitter is mainly used by Politicians, celebrities, businessmen, Journalism, etc to share there point of view. And Tumbler is mainly used for business purpose, where startups and businessmen describe their business in limited words.

Community platforms (Quora and Reddit)
 Quora and Reddit both are professional and formal platforms. people are using them for particular goal or motive for eg. Quora is a problem-solving platform where one user post and problems or questions and other who know the solution answer them and Reddit is the business-related platform where users upload images, videos, links etc related to their websites. Both have belonged to a particular community for solving users problems.

These Social media platforms have different approach and user base. Every platform was created for solving the world’s problem in less time. In this modern era, everyone is moving to traditional to the digital world. This digital world in advance and easy to do trade and promotion.

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