5 steps to grow your business

April 27, 2021
April 27, 2021 Paramdeep

Start a new business is not a difficult task. The main and difficult part is, How to grow a business? and how to maintain growth? You should always focus on the growth of business and yourself too. Harvesting seeds inland is not tough

But Care of that seed or plant is an important thing. Like to grow a plant you have to give proper water, fertilizer, sunlight etc. Yes, Marketing strategies, target customer, expansion are your water, fertilizer, the sunlight of a seed that you plant as a business

The toughest time is when your all experienced competitor fight with you and trying to press down your business and your mental strength, But don’t worry your unique marketing strategies and USP can beat everyone


Marketing strategies steps that will help you to beat your competitors are


  1. Competitor analysis 

Analysis of your competitor is the first and important step in marketing strategies. To beat enemies you must always know their strength and power. You should always know the weakness and strength of your competitor. So you always kept an eye on your competitor, his products, offers, supply chain, etc. Then only you can able to understand your competitors and able to beat them


  1. USP 

You should always be unique and different from your competitor, mainly in the perfect competition phase. USP (unique selling proposition) is the concept where you can define your brand and product as different from a competitor and how it’s helpful your products are. products Usp is the strongest positive point to attract your customer.

A perfect eg of USP is Amazon. Amazon has many competitors like snapdeal, flipkart etc every e-commerce company take 4- 5 days to deliver a product. And then Amazon builds their USP and start same-day delivery. No other company even thinks that to beat Amazon in their USP


  1. Target audience 

In the world of 7 billion humans, not everyone is your customer. And try to sale everyone is the biggest foolish thing. Every business has an age group, demographical area, gender determination, interest & behaviour etc. So the thing is Find your target audiences and then try to sell the product.


  1. Marketing Strategies on paper

In this step, think about strategies to sell the product to your selected audiences. And write it down on paper, with proper descriptions. So you will get a clear idea of your strategies and get confidence to apply on business. If those strategies get success on paper then only applies on business otherwise make some new.


  1. Analysis 

Last but not least, after applying all steps in business. Analysis of the whole process of business. Find out the pros and cons of the whole process and correct them with new strategies of the target audience and sell a product.


In the whole process of business growth, every step has an important role. This is a cycle of business growth, which can continue the cycle. Because the growth of life never ends. According to era, techniques of every step might be changed, but the process will remain always the same.



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