Sales And Marketing

April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021 Paramdeep

Both sales and marketing have same motive i.e high revenue & high profit of organization and awareness of brand or product among whole market. Result of both activity is same but the process is totally different.

In sales, a seller have to go to the consumer and try to convince or manipulate him about your brand and product. Sometimes if a person don’t show interest in your product then you have to force him/her to buy your product ( with offers, positive reviews, etc.). Sales is the time consuming activity.

And, in marketing you have to just do ads and promotion on TVs, Social media, Banners and etc. so whenever a needy person gonna see your ad or promotion then he/she automatically become your customer. You don’t have to force him/her to purchase your product. you just have to manipulate him/her with your ads. But the condition is, your ad or promotion should be very creative that it directly hit the emotion of person. Marketing is less time consuming activity.

Sales and marketing both are equally important for your brand and product. Some people doesn’t get affect from creative ads so then you should have to force him/her to buy your product. Marketing is the earlier step of selling.


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