Top Indian Startups – The Complete List of 2020

March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021 admin

Top Indian Startups – The Complete List of 2020

2020 is not a good year for everyone. In this year of the pandemic economy rate of every country is down, but in that bad time, some business in India done a great job.

1. WOW

This is a natural pecking order who is developing quickly in India. You will discover branches in Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, and numerous different spots. Goodness! Sell burgers, Tibetan food and pretty much anything you can envision. You will never go hungry when a Wow! The branch is close by!

Absolute Funding: $470 Million

Workplaces In: Kolkata, West Bengal

2.Ola Cabs

You may think Uber is causing a tempest at the present time, yet Ola Cabs is assuming control over India right now. In the event that you need a minicab in the India region, make certain to give Ola Cabs a shot. They are as of now rivalling Uber, which says it all truly!

Workplaces In: Karnataka, Kormangala

Absolute Funding: $3.8 Billion

  1. AddressHealth

This is an organization who is causing a tempest in the business presently. They center around giving medical care in schools and facilities and have demonstrated to exceptionally effective as of late.

Established In: 2010

Workplaces In: Bangalore city, Karnataka

Complete Funding: $1.5 Million


Zomato is one of the most notable new companies and maybe one of the best food tech new businesses around in India that has transformed into a worldwide business.

Established In: 2008

Workplaces In: Gurgaon, Haryana

Absolute Funding: $755.6 Million


Another fruitful startup. This startup is an instalment administration that permits individuals to pay assets to one another. It is fundamentally the same as PayPal. While it’s not at that level yet, it actually appears to rule all over India.

Established In: 2010

Workplaces In: Noida, Utter Pradesh

Complete Funding: $2.2 Billion


This is a conveyance administration that centres around meat and fish. The organization was established in March 2016, and has developed so much that its plan to grow to 20 urban communities all through 2017!

Established In: 2014

Workplaces In: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Complete Funding: $24.2

7. Flyrobe

This organization permits you to lease creator apparel. One of a kind, isn’t that so? This startup was established in 2015. The thought was adored such a great amount by speculators that they have raised more than 7 million from that point forward.

Established In: 2015

Workplaces In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Complete Funding: $10.7

 8. Myra

Myra is an online drug store. Their choice of medication can be conveyed to your home at a quick rate. The organization manages more than 1,000 exchanges every day. They are sponsored by enormous speculators and are raking in tons of cash right now.

Established In: 2015

Workplaces In: Gurugram

Complete Funding: $7 Million

9. Cure.Fit

CureFit works a stage to a sound force way of life and all-encompassing fix across wellness, food, and mental prosperity. The Company offers both advanced and disconnected encounters across wellness, nourishment, and mental prosperity through its three items:, and

Workplaces In: Bangalore, Karnataka

All out Funding: $174.6 Million

10. Dunzo

This acclaimed Indian startup interfaces clients to the closest conveyance accomplice who can make buys, get things from any store or eatery in the city and carry them to you all by using their application. They offer a bicycle taxi administration too.

Workplaces In: Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad

All out Funding: $29.6 Million

11. Shuttl

Shuttl is an application-based transportation administration for workers. First dispatched in 2015 to improve India’s complicated public transportation framework by permitting individuals to pre-book rides on moderate transports.

Workplaces In: Gurgaon, Haryana

Absolute Funding: $48.8 Million

12. Digit Insurance

At Digit Insurance, is a General Insurance organization set for make the muddled protection framework straightforward and direct for everybody through their foundation. They have protection for Cars, Mobiles, Travel, and Jewelry too.

Workplaces In: Bengaluru, Karnataka

All out Funding: $45 Million

13. CoolBerg

Coolberg, a Mumbai based startup, works with an extraordinary thought of having a non-fermented brew. Coolberg makes the gatherings and social events simpler for individuals who feel odd during such events with a wide scope of flavours.

Workplaces In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Complete Funding: Not revealed

14. Cleardekho

ClearDekho is India’s biggest eyewear brand that gives eyewear to all spending plans. Their quality glasses accompany different plans going from solution, shades, understanding glasses and even contact focal points.

Workplaces In: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Absolute Funding: $20 Million

15. The Minimalist

One of the best new companies Minimalist is a plan and counselling organization that

assists brands with making their development methodology, plan, and correspondence also. They are generally known for their one of a kind moderate imaginative way of thinking and viral effect in computerized media.

Workplaces In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

All out Funding: Not revealed


Razorpay is the lone instalments arrangement in India which permits organizations to acknowledge, measure and dispense instalments with its easy to understand item suite to all organizations from new businesses to enormous undertakings.

Workplaces In: Bangalore, Karnataka

All out Funding: $31.7 Million

17. Nineleaps

Nineleaps assists different new companies with their item advancement by giving web and versatile application improvement to quicken item advancement to put up your item for sale to the public as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.

Workplaces In: Bangalore, Karnataka

Absolute Funding: $4 Million

18. Innov8 Coworking

This organization is a cooperating network that offers working spaces like that accentuation intensely network commitment of similarly invested people to have their office spaces not feel like a customary office space yet somewhere else you can nearly call home.

Workplaces In: New Delhi, Delhi

All out Funding: $4 Million

19. Shebang

Shebang is a computerized showcasing office that has worked with notable brands, for example, Hot Wheels, Amazon Fashion, and Raw Pressery. They offer a bigger number of administrations than your normal organization going from, Search Engine Optimization, Technology, Design, Video Production, Photography, Media Planning and Buying, Influencer Management, and PR.

Workplaces In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Complete Funding: Not uncovered

20. Acko General Insurance

Acko an advanced protection firm gives customized approaches dependent on client conduct and offer incredible costs, outrageous comfort, and tranquil cases.

Workplaces In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Absolute Funding: $107 Million



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