Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021 admin

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing differ from each other, but at some point, a business both traditional and digital marketing is the need for a particular business. This article shows you every major and minor difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing.


Traditional Marketing is one of the old age types of marketing strategy, but remember old is always gold. Traditional marketing is 90’s marketing phase when there was not so much use of the Internet. The medium of traditional marketings are TVs, Billboards and other printing media. 
Digital marketing is the new age Marketing strategy of 2000’s era and also known as online marketing or internet marketing, it all held with the internet. The medium of Digital marketing is a Search engine, Social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc). 

Advantage and Disadvantage

 Traditional Marketing is important because it has a lot of audiences of Tv watcher (every house have at least one), newspaper reader( 2.5 billion), Holding & banners (everyone who visit from that area). As we all know User of Tv and Newspaper are a lot from social media and online newspaper(600 million). Digital marketing has a little less audience on social media and google but the vital thing is that we can easily select our audience on digital platforms. We can choose audiences by age, sex, location, interest, etc to whom we want to show our ads. These advantages we don’t get in traditional factor, there we don’t get choose our audience. 

Cost Of Traditional And Digital marketing

Digital marketing is very low-cost marketing compare to traditional. Every business (small scale or large scale) can effort digital marketing easily. Hardly have to an invest less than 1 Re for each user who has an interest in our ads.
But in traditional marketing, we don’t do that type of certain things, because we have to market for all be it our client or not. Not everyone (special small scale business) can effort Television and Newspaper ads because it costs in millions. 


Both Digital marketing and Traditional marketing are important in there place. It is a little difficult to promote branding by marketing with a single star. So every brand promotes its brand according to both its creative ads strategies.
In every business both Traditional and Digital marketing is important. Both marketing strategies play an equal role to promote the brands.

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