What is Marketing

March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021 admin

What is Marketing

Marketing is the activity of promotion of the brand. This article explains a different and simple perspective of marketing. From basic to advance marketing mindset in limited words.

If the business is a car then marketing is the wheel.
People treat marketing is an expense for business, but in reality, it is an investment and expansion of the business. Marketing is the rope from which your brand and product climb the mountain of high sales. In simple words, Marketing is the activity to promote your brand and showcase of your product that how your product useful and unique for them.

In the process of marketing, you have to convince people to buy your product. It all depends on you that, how much creative and attractive your manipulating power is!
Marketing is not only the necessity of a business, but it’s also a need for every moment of life. Every single day we have to manipulate or convince someone. These all started in childhood when we wanted a toy or video games and we had to convince our parents for a toy. In every moment of life, we have show ourself the best so for that, we have to do marketing for self. Marketing is important in every aspect of life

Almost every brand has to do marketing for their brand to boost sales and brand awareness. The medium of marketing is an advertisement, special offers, etc. Organizations always try to make their ads creative that it directly hit your emotion and they show their brand everywhere so that human mind capture that ad and these all grow their brand awareness.

In this competitive world where every company is running in the race of marketing, there is some brand who doesn’t believe in marketing. They thought Marketing decreases its brand value like luxury cars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc).
But at starting level marketing is must for every business to grow their brand value and brand awareness, Mainly for startups. 

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